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Will The Climate-awareness Spur The Real Change?

Climate Emergency Is Spreading Like Wildfire – Thanks To Citizens & Cities

New research on climate change from Crowther Lab, Zurich discovers that 77% of cities are extremely likely...
What Are The Initiative Taken BY Wuhan To Reduce Carbon Emission?

Wuhan – One Of The Most Climate-active Cities In China

China, officially known as the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was recorded to be the leading emitter of...
Carbon Emission Report 2019

Carbon Emission Report 2019 – Where Are The Nations Heading?

As per the estimation deduced by scientists, global greenhouse gas emissions must fall by 2020. This is...
Why Buenos Aires Is One Of The First C40 Cities In Latin America?

Buenos Aires – Best Performing City Fighting Climate Change In Latin America

Latin America is better known for its natural highlights with some of the most pristine ecosystems of...
What Are The Smart Initiatives Taken By Johannesburg on Climate Change?

Johannesburg – The Only African City With Lowest Carbon Emissions

Our first blog in the series of C40 cities’ initiatives highlighted the environment-oriented efforts of smart city...