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How Sustainable Lighting Solutions Are Meeting The SDG Goals?

Lighting Up Australia With Sustainable And Efficient Technology

In September 2015, all the countries around the globe embraced the 2030 Agenda set by UN that includes 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)...
How AI Is Being Used To Increase Bike-sharing System In Smart Cities?

AI Is Getting Bike-Sharing On The Right Track In Smart Cities

Bike-Sharing system or bicycle-sharing system has been around since 1965 when a group called Provo introduced it in the bicycle-loving Amsterdam. But the...
How Technology Will Push The Current Advancements To Further Progress Of Smart City?

Top 3 Integrative Technologies To Disrupt The Smart City Space In 2019

We are living in an era that is witnessing the traditional cities turning into ‘smart cities’ with the technology penetrating at abnormal speeds. As...
How Buildings Can Improve Air Quality?

Innovational Concrete Can Reduce Smog In Smart Cities

Have you ever tried to peep out of the window early morning just to find a hazy atmosphere that obscures your view of enjoying...


ME Landscaping Summit

Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2019

This decade has witnessed the drastic evolution of Middle East’s panorama. We saw the rise of skylines, airports and massive tourist developments across the...