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Technology & IOT related articles from world over.  Technology plays an important role in smart city developments.

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What Is The Need Of Digital Kiosks In Cities?

Unmanned Kiosks – The Most Effective Stand To Connect Citizens With Cities

Around the world, governments, businesses, innovators, and citizens are together designing smart cities. While they are laying the foundations of smart cities, connected digital...
How Cloud Computing Can Help In Smart Cities Development?

Smart Cities Need To Be On The Cloud To Speed Up Sustainable Development

Smart cities are a network of interconnected technologies that communicate, transfer and analyse important data to maintain/improve urban operations. Today, such technologies are required...

Barcelona gains third place in global smart-city ranking

Barcelona is now a recognized global smart-city. As referred also on the online magazine We Build Value, Barcelona is the third smartest city in...
Smart Home

How Much Would a Smart Home Cost Today?

With the still burgeoning development of the Internet of Things (IoT), today’s tech experts are finding better ways to integrate smart devices into homes....


Skyscrapers Summit

Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2019

      The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit forms part of Expotrade Global’s larger Smart Skyscrapers series, with its major Northern Hemisphere event being held in Dubai...
ME Landscaping Summit

Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2019

This decade has witnessed the drastic evolution of Middle East’s panorama. We saw the rise of skylines, airports and massive tourist developments across the...