3rd Edition Smart Solar PV Forum – Data Analytics and IoT

    Start date: May 22, 2019

    End date: May 23, 2019

    Location: San Diego, CA, USA

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    The Forum is a valued balance of all aspects of Big Data and its impact on the solar sector and using data analytics for increasing performance of solar assets. It is a great best-practice-sharing and networking platform for Solar Industry companies to come together to exchange tactic and solutions on practical application of Artificial Intelligence to optimize operation and maintenance and Blockchain technologies for Solar Energy Trading, using qualitative and quantitative data and data analytics to reduce failures, KPIs in operating a Solar Fleet, etc. Update about the Forum: Energy Sector Group on LinkedIn


    In Focus:

    • Practical applications of AI & Blockchain technologies
    • Improving future Solar Production Forecast and Resource Assessment
    • Reducing Costs and increasing Performance through Digitalization
    • Data driven monitoring and inspection
    • Advanced Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance
    • Cyber Security in Solar Power Sector
    • Improving future Solar Production Forecast and Resource Assessment
    • Future of Solar: A New Era of Digitalization